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Cruise Date Cruise Line Cruise No. Cruise Ship Cruise Itinerary No of Nights
17/03/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1806 Braemar Andalusia
Southampton, La Coruna, Almeria, Malaga, Gibraltar, Guadalquivir River, Seville (Cadiz), Lisbon, Southampton
31/03/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1807 Braemar Ireland
Southampton, Cobh, Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, Belfast, N.Ireland, Southampton
06/04/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1808 Braemar French Rivers
Southampton, Rouen, Seine River - Cruising, Gironde & Garonne Rivers - Cruising, Bordeaux, Bordeaux, Lorient, Southampton
14/04/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1809 Braemar French & Spanish Rivers
Southampton, La Pallice, Bordeaux, Gironde & Garonne Rivers - Cruising, Guadalquivir River, Seville, Rouen, Seine River - Cruising, Southampton
28/04/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1810 Braemar Spain
Southampton, La Coruna, Aviles, Santander, Bilbao (Getxo), Southampton
06/05/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1811 Braemar Denmark
Southampton, Kiel Canal Transit, Aabenraa, Aabenraa Fjord - Cruising, Als Fjord - Cruising, Fredericia, Hundested, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Limfjorden - Cruising, Aalborg, Southampton
16/05/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1812 Braemar Norwegian Fjords
Southampton, Pilot Station Feistein, Stavanger, Bergen, Flam, Sognefjord - Cruising,Naeroyfjord - Cruising, Olden, Nordfjord - Cruising, Akrafjord & Langfoss Waterfall - Cruising, Karmsundet - Cruising, Pilot Station Koppervik No. 3 Southampton
24/05/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1813 Braemar French River Cruising
Southampton, Seine River - Cruising, Rouen, Rouen, Rouen, Seine River - Cruising, Honfleur, Southampton
29/05/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1814 Braemar 'You Choose Your Cruise'
Southampton, (passengers choose their itinerary as they go), Southampton
12/06/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1815 Braemar Arctic Russia & Northern Norway
Southampton, Alesund, Trondheim, Torghatten - Cruising, Seven Sisters Mountains - Cruising, Arctic Circle - Crossing,
Pilot Station Lødingen, Tromsø, Honningsvåg, Kirkenes, Murmansk, Harstad, Pilot Station Lødingen, Trollfjord - Cruising, Intercoastal Cruising, Kristiansund, Pilot Station Grinna, Southampton
28/06/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1816 Braemar French Rivers
Southampton, Rouen, Seine River - Cruising, Bordeaux, Gironde & Garonne Rivers - Cruising, Lorient, Southampton


Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1817 Braemar Mediterranean
Southampton, Malaga, Barcelona, Sète, Marseille (Provence), Monaco, Cartagena, Lisbon, Southampton
22/07/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1818 Braemar Iceland
Southampton, Reykjavik, Ísafjörður, Akureyri, Seyðisfjörður, Tórshavn (Faroe Islands), Southampton
04/08/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1819 Braemar Norwegian Fjords
Southampton, Eidfjord, Bergen, Stavanger, Southampton
12/08/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1820
Southampton, Kiel Canal Transit, Ronne, Visby, Stockholm, Stockholm, Mariehamn, Copenhagen, Southampton
23/08/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1821 Braemar French Rivers
Southampton, Lorient, Gironde & Garonne Rivers - Cruising, Bordeaux, Rouen, Southampton
31/08/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1822 Braemar Andalusia
Southampton, Lisbon, Almeria, Malaga, Gibraltar, Cruising Guadalquivir River , Seville, Seville, Cadiz,
14/09/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1823 Braemar Baltic
Southampton, Copenhagen, Helsinki, St. Petersburg (overnight onboard), Riga, Travemunde, Kiel Canal Transit, Southampton
28/09/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1824 Braemar France Short Break
Southampton, Rouen, Seine River - Cruising, Honfleur, Southampton
02/10/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1825 Braemar Adriatic
Southampton, Malaga, Valletta, Kotor, Venice, Chioggia, Split, Dubrovnik, Trapani, Cartagena, Lisbon, Southampton
25/10/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1826 Braemar German Waterways
Southampton, Hamburg, River Elbe - Cruising, Kiel Canal Transit, Flensburg, Travemunde, Kiel Canal Transit, Bremen, Southampton
03/11/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1827 Braemar French River Cruise
Southampton, Seine River - Cruising, Rouen, Rouen, Rouen, Seine River - Cruising, Honfleur, Southampton
08/11/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1828 Braemar France & Belgium
Southampton, Dunkirk, Ghent, Antwerp, Belgium, Boulogne Sur Mer, Southampton
15/11/2018 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M1829 Braemar Canary Islands & Cape Verde
Southampton, Funchal, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Praia, Santiago, Mindelo, Santa Cruz, Arrecife, Lisbon, Southampton



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